Finding Time for What Matters

I am a big believer in finding time for yourself! Self-care is extremely important and allows us to add our positive energy to the world.

Why does self-care matter so much to me? Five years ago, I started my journey of becoming a business owner and discovering what my bigger purpose is in life. Being a business owner means that I have people I lead and inspire every day. I want to show up for them each day as the best version of myself. That is my number one priority!

In order to be my best self, I am on a lifelong journey of self-care, self-awareness and a dedication to mindfulness. I am happy to be on this journey and have already seen major improvements in my life.

Ways my life has improved.

A few years ago, I began my self-care journey by consciously showing up for work every day. I left negative energy at the door and intentionally created a space that allows for open, honest, and authentic conversations.

These conversations led me into eating mindfully. When I first opened my business, I was literally sick all the time. Even as a kid, I can remember going in and out of doctors offices with issues and taking medicine my whole life. Once I started feeding my body healthy whole foods and cutting out all the processed foods that were hurting me, I became a different person. Seriously, my anxiety melted away; my skin stopped breaking out; my stomach stopped hurting everyday; my digestion was normal; I slept the entire night; my mind cleared and I don’t feel like I am in a fog anymore. Wow! This was it for me. I knew that food was playing a huge role in my sickness up until this point.

Another life change was removing all toxins from my house and salon (as much as we could). Replacing the toxins with essential oils, natural cleaners, and removing hair treatments from our menu that were causing negative health affects was essential and has been life-changing!

A major mindset shift.

Now in my latest life chapter, I want to continue leading and growing my team and salon. And I want to show up for them every day! Showing up for my team and prioritizing self-care was a mindset shift that happened when I met my amazing business coach, Nina. She encourages gratitude, saying yes to days off, putting self-care first, and focusing on doing the hard work from the inside out.

In the last few years, I have worked on myself. I have read books that helped my mind open. And I have made gratitude a daily practice. I am forever grateful for this mindset shift from Nina.

This year, I’m continuing my journey of being the best version of myself. I am putting gratitude, self-care days, mindful eating and mindful conversations first. I am also self-aware and know myself and my purpose. This doesn’t mean that I don’t fall off or get caught up in the grind. It just means that I am aware of what I need to do. And if I lose sight of my purpose, I have the support I need to bring me back.

All of us have work to do on ourselves. But you have to make sure you invest time in you! And remember that what looks like self-care for me may not look like self-care for you. I hope that you’ll begin or continue your journey of self-awareness, self-care and becoming the best version of you.

Cheers to another year of fulfilling your purpose, working towards your dreams, learning more about yourself, and happiness.

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