Best Salon in Boston for Balayage, Blonde, and Custom Hair Color

We are proud to be known for our custom and dimensional hair color techniques. What makes us different then every other “best balayage” salon out there?

We do a thorough consultation with every new and existing guest to ensure we know full history of your hair, products, and the goals you are trying to achieve.

We set realistic expectations to ensure you leave with hair you love but also a hair color that you expect.

We are well known for our color correction techniques that will also leave your hair feeling healthier and happier.

We use all necessary treatments to help aid in hair health. We put hair health first.

Most goals cannot be achieved in one session, but sometimes it does take up to 3 or more. We will make sure you understand it will be a “work in progress”.

We customize your hair lightness, darkness, and tone for your personal style, skintone, eye color, and so much more!

Customization is key… Hair color is not one size fits all. Hair color is not just an art, but a science. Theres a reason not every person can achieve the desired lightness and/or tone they are seeking. We will make sure you are guided to a hair color that will make you feel and look your personal best.

Ready for your balayage, blonding, or custom color? It’s all wrapped into one option when booking your appointment. Just choose “Custom Hair Color/Highlighting”

We can’t wait to meet you!

XO KJ & Team

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