Why You Need a Get Pure Clarifying Treatment

The old school of thought is, “The dirtier the better” when it came to hair color. The new way we do things is “pre-treat to prevent”. Hair color, lighteners, and all chemical services require hair to be clarified first in order to work properly and to their full potential.

Continuing education supports this technology and once we know better, we do better! Your hair appointment might look different at our salon than another salon you have been to. With the Get Pure Treatment you will receive the treatment first, then your haircut, then have your color applied on damp hair if you are a new guest to our salon. If you are a returning guest, we suggest getting a get pure treatment 2 times a year if you are using a clarifying shampoo at home once a week. If you travel, are in different waters from the ocean, pools, vacation house, or hotel. It is important to tell your stylist so we can plan a treatment prior to your next color application!

If you are a returning guest make sure you come in to the salon with clean, clarified hair! If you can’t, we will do a clarifying shampoo or treatment based on your needs.

Why Get Pure? Most of us know that build up can be felt or seen, like the green cast from swimmers hair. But, the worst offenders, namely metals, cannot be seen even under the most powerful microscope and they will build up over time. Everyone has some level of exposure to metals such as copper, iron, magnesium, lead, chromium, and others from any of the following sources:

  • daily medications, prescriptions and over the counter
  • well water, copper of galvanized iron pipes
  • styling product build up, including conditioners
  • swimming pools, hot tubs
  • traveling or moving into locations of unknown water quality
  • cigarette smoke or people living among smokers

Now that you know theses hidden metals are in our everyday items, the most important thing to know is that regular shampoo will not remove them.

Why are these metals so harmful with color? They cause a rapid breakdown of peroxide developers which results in heat buildup and generation of excess free radicals that can damage the hair structure. There are also harmful effects for oxidative color, perms, and bleach. So, no chemical service should be done without this treatment.

Get Pure is the only one of its kind on the market that works around 100% efficiency in removing all types of hair build-up. Get Pure outperformed every professional product in removing copper and iron from contaminated hair. So, needless to say this is why we choose this product and brand! You can add this treatment on to any service and you should! Look under the “add-on” section of the booking website. Just ask us if you want more details.

See you soon!

Kellyn & KJ Team

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