After Color Care Reminders

You just made an investment in your haircolor! You love it and it looks great today, but we want to make sure it looks great everyday before your next scheduled visit. Here are some important reminders.

Wait a minimum of 48 hours before washing, wetting, or use of high pH products like aerosol hairsprays, texture sprays, and dry shampoos.

Using a high pH product like those listed will remove your haircolor faster in between visits, but is crucial to not use them the first 48 hours.

Using hot tools on your hair will fade your color. The higher the heat, the more damage you are causing to your hair and color investment. Our recommendation is using your hot tools BELOW 300 degrees, never go above 320. When you use high heat it will burn your hair and take out color immediately.

The less you wash your hair with shampoo, the longer your color and tone will last.

The less you use aerosol sprays, the longer your color and tone will last.

We recommend washing with a pH balanced clarifying shampoo once a week like Soma clarifying shampoo following up with a custom color conditioner and using a no detergent wash, like New Wash from Hairstory the other days you wash.

Remember, whatever is not putting color into your hair, it is taking it out!

See you at the next appointment!

XO The KJ Team

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