Sew In Hair Extensions

We are now happy to offer the hottest new method with hair extensions, sew in wefts!

Our stylists are all certified with different methods of extensions and just added the sew-in to our menu! We believe that the sew in method is the healthiest for your hair. New glue, no bonds, and NO DAMAGE!

The number 1 question:

How much are extensions?

The short answer is, you need a consultation to determine an accurate quote. All hair is priced based on color and length and can vary dramatically if you want blonde 24″ or brunette 16″.

The rough estimate for installations without the additional hair cost is $350 for each move up. The initial cost with installation will be on average $1000 and then the move-ups will be $350 every 6 weeks. (this does not include your color service).

The number 2 question:

Are they damaging?

Absolutely NOT! No glue, no adhesive, no damage!

Want to learn more? Come see us for a consultation!

XO KJ Team

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