KJ Hair Studio is the only salon in the city of Boston that has 2 colorists that are Board Certified.

The American Board of Certified Haircolorist (ABCH) certification has long been a vision of many professionals in the beauty industry. Their goal is to establish a standard by which to judge competence and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in haircolor, thus creating credibility in the eyes of the consumer. As in all professions, the consumer will seek out those certified for their expert knowledge and service excellence.

”I want to be the best I can be in my field and I want to master my craft. Studying and taking the examination to become a Board Certified Haircolorist helps me take another step toward those goals. I am proud to be part of a small and excellent group of certified professionals. To be the best in this industry, one can never stop learning.”

Kellyn Jones, owner of KJ Hair Studio in the North End of Boston

“Becoming board certified has been a career long aspiration of mine ever since I found out that such an organization existed back in the late 90’s. It was a lot of time, effort and dedication getting certified, however it was well worth it all, and I am proud to call myself a Board Certified Haircolorist.”

Maxwell Maisano, Director of Education at KJ Hair Studio

About the Board Certified Colorists:
Kellyn Jones (owner of KJ Hair Studio) along with Maxwell Maisano (Director of Education) both work behind the chair at KJ Hair Studio in the North End of Boston. They are independent educators in the beauty industry and have started their own education group called Good Hair Education to give back to their community, pay it forward, and inspire and empower other stylists.

Find Them Online:

Kellyn’s Instagram www.instagram.com/kellynloveshair
Max’s Instagram www.instagram.com/maxmhair
Salon’s Instagram www.instagram.com/goodhairco.co
Good Hair Education www.goodhaireducation.com

About ABCH:

The ABCH exam is administered by an independent, not-for-profit corporation, and has been called “the most stringent exam in the beauty industry.” The intensive 3-part examination consists of written, oral, and practical segments. In order to become certified, the applicant must pass all three segments of the exam. The purpose of the certification is to “recognize individuals with a greater degree of competence” in coloring hair. Basically, according to their organization, “to recognize those individuals who have gone the extra mile to become the very best in their craft.” You can find out more about ABCH on their website.

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