Why we are the BEST Haircolor Specialists and Haircolor Salon in Boston

KJ Hair Studio in Boston is no stranger to haircolor, color corrections, and hair transformations. Kellyn Jones (@kellynloveshair) and team member, Maxwell Maisano (@maxmhair) are both Board Certified Haircolorists and are currently in training with Mastered to become Master Color Experts. These titles are not just Best of Boston or Best IN Boston, but ABCH is best of the best haircolorists in the nation. And Mastered is a world wide best of the best online program for professionals around the world.

So, you’re looking for the top haircolorist in Boston? Look no further. They are the elite in their craft and can give you the haircolor of your dreams as long as it is achievable. Our specialists will also guide you in the healthy direction and let you know what is possible and what is not.

Red haircolor is the hardest hair color to look realistic. It is a hard color to “pull off”, but the reality is that everyone can wear some shade of red and it is flattering. That is the haircolorist’s job to help direct you towards the right tones and depth of any hair color.

We have had an abundance of haircolor changes this fall already! The number one change for our salon we have seen a lot of golden hues and depth added to our blondes as well as a lot of red and strawberry tones.

Are you ready for a haircolor change? Here are some inspiration pics that we have found via google that We LOVE!

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