The fastest growing hair color service and how you can embrace your own grey hair

How do you go grey gracefully? At what age? We hear all the questions about covering grey, going grey, embracing grey, and celebrating grey hair here at KJ Hair Studio. Are you surprised that embracing natural grey hair by blending or enhancing is the fastest growing in-salon haircolor service? We aren’t! We think it’s time we celebrate those gorgeous white hairs!

Women of all ages have white hair that sparkle through their natural pigment haircolor. These white hairs most of us refer to as “grey” are what we call pigment-less in the haircolor world. Grey hair has been dreaded by salon goers of all ages for many years, especially women, until most recent years where we started to see a big shift. A shift from covering to embracing.

A beautiful mixture of salt and pepper for a gorgeous dimensional grey

What has changed? Overall, our haircolor services have changed to a low maintenance and lived-in look (no matter what the natural haircolor is). We believe this is because women value looking good and they value their time even more. See, the traditional every 3-4 week root touch-up is just out of the question for most women these days. And, moreover, that high maintenance schedule has them dreading their time in the hair salon. We believe women love the salon and want to enjoy their time pampering themselves, as they should!

We are a haircolor speciality salon with expertise in highlights, balayage, and what we like to call, grey blending and grey enhancing. Two of our top haircolorists are Board Certified and know the ins and outs of all haircolor. We believe our low maintenance approach to haircolor is what (most) women of all ages want these days.

What will my new in-salon maintenance schedule be?

Our blending approach with natural haircolor has our clients in the salon every 3-4 months instead of 3-4 weeks. Women are coming in for haircolor 3 times a year instead of 12 times, and that is a huge difference! This is where embracing those white hairs come into the picture. And therefor, giving women time back to their busy schedules.

Salt and Pepper is the best dimensional grey haircolor

Embracing and enhancing white sparkles can change your mindset from the dreary grey idea into an illuminating and bright highlight. It’s all about how you FEEL. Your mindset shift from thinking grey is old to realizing it’s not.

This is different than the grey slate trend that was huge a few years ago. That trend was bleached and toned to a grey color on hair that has pigment. What we are seeing is women of all ages including 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s+ are feeling brave enough to wear their own natural grey hair. Salt and pepper haircolor can not be duplicated, it’s something nature makes best.

But, what we can do is help enhance your grey hair or help transition you into your new natural haircolor world by blending and not covering. You can go grey gracefully!

Mostly white with a little pepper sprinkled through in the back

So, what service do I book for?

We always recommend a dimensional custom color service so we can have full creative freedom. We do a thorough consultation to ensure we are on the same page with the services wanted/needed, maintenance at-home, and maintenance in-salon before moving forward. Our most common grey blending services are custom glossing to help remove unwanted yellow deposits and custom haircolor to add highlights tones of blonde, pearl blonde and/or ash blonde for an enhancing color service with little to no commitment.

Need some inspiration from women who have already embraced their grey hair? We love this article about women who have gone grey and what they love about it.

Have you embraced grey and need a little pick-me up? Are you looking for guidance on going grey or how to transition from all over haircolor? We can help! Book a color consultation at the salon and we can make a game plan together.

Hope to see you soon!

Kellyn & The KJ Team

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