We love our clean air salon

Clean air is a simple idea, but it’s a hard practice in the beauty industry.

We value our clean air in the salon. We minimize our toxins by not offering services that produce fumes as much as possible such as smoothing or keratin treatments and nail services. Since we pride ourselves with clean air, we also have clean beauty products and cleaning products that help to limit chemical smells day to day.

We fill our space with many large plants to help rid our salon of toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and trichloroethylene. We also suggest filling your living space at home with as many plants as you can! It will help keep your air clean. Having house plants is the best way to clean your space sustainably. How green is that?

We are happy to be a unique salon offering clean air and clean products to keep our team and our customers as healthy as possible. Come experience a new kind of salon! We are Good Hair Co. located in the North End of Boston. Book online with us now!

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