Making steps to a toxin-free routine

Living without toxins is not easy in our world! It takes education and dedication to make smart changes in our everyday lives. When something in our body doesn’t feel right, it’s time to listen. I am passionate about minimizing toxins in my food, environment, beauty products, home and workplace. Women are at a greater risk for chemical exposure because of the products and fragrances we are exposed to, being bigger users of cleaning products than men, the feminine products we use, and all beauty products we come in contact with daily.

Here are some steps to take to minimize the chemicals and toxins in our everyday lives that you can control.

Avoid Fragrance – This is a great first step. Try to avoid using and buying anything that has “fragrance” listed in the ingredients. Why? Companies do not have to disclose the ingredients they use in a given “fragrance,” which is problematic because there can be up to 100 chemicals hidden inside of this one ingredient!

Can you believe that feminine care products are another big culprit in exposing us to toxic ingredients? Hormone disrupters are common ingredients, not to mention the cancer-causing ingredients inside of feminine products. Yikes! I switched over to LOLA, a great brand that discloses all ingredients in their products, which are made with organic, toxin-free ingredients (check them out

A place I like to research my ingredients when I’m unsure the toxicity is the cosmetic database: This site is very helpful when you are unsure that ingredients are and if they are harmful or not.

Below are some easy steps to limit exposure to toxic chemicals:

-Look for products with less ingredients
-Don’t buy products that don’t disclose ingredients
-Avoid parabans
-Avoid fragrance – use trusted essential oils instead (like Young Living)
-Avoid BPA – no plastic containers – use glass containers instead. Never microwave plastic.
-Avoid receipts when possible (bpa is lurking in thermal paper)
-Avoid Triclosan – this is found in disinfectant cleaners, hand soap, deodorant, toothpaste, detergent
-Reduce the number of products you use. I use 1 cleaner from Young Living for both windows and surfaces

Most of all, don’t get overwhelmed. Start with the products that stay on your skin for a long period of time – chapstick, deodorant, moisturizer – give those a makeover first and slowly switch out the rest when you need to buy more.

What else can you do? Demand change! Visit Women’s Voices for the Earth for ideas on ways to make changes.

If you want help switching out any of your toxic products to natural, let me know! I am happy to answer any questions that I can.

Happy and healthy living,

xo Kellyn

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