Students For Life

Here at Good Hair Co. we are self proclaimed students for life! We just don’t believe that continuing education is a necessary part of our professional growth, but we also believe it is part of our personal growth and development.

We are students in every sense of word. Constantly improving our skills behind the chair by attending monthly classes for our technical development for haircut, hair color, balayage and blonding, color theory, and more. We also learn about personal growth with Kellyn’s one-on-one coaching and goal setting.

Kellyn consistently takes part in her personal, leadership, business, spiritual, and teaching development. This helps to create a learning environment where we share everything with each other, create personal and professional growth, and inspire our clients to do the same.

We say we have the best community of clients in the world and that’s because we choose to show up every day to learn ways to improve our lives and our planet while having a safe place that allows us to flourish. We love sharing stories with one another and our clients so we can all have a constant growth and support.

Welcome to your hair home. We can’t wait to meet you!

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