New Normal

We have a few new rules and policies in place! Here’s what you can do and what to expect from us!

Doing your part:

  • Do not come to your appointment if you are ill, as always we have a relaxed rescheduling/cancellation policy when you are sick! Please let us know with notice so we can fill your spot! Otherwise, our normal 48 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy is in effect. 
  • Must wear face coverings at all times that loop behind the ear
  • Come alone to your appointment
  • When you are in the area please text the salon 617-918-7202. Do not come to the front door until you hear back from your stylist and that the salon is ready for you. We are in a building with other businesses and there is a possibility you will cross paths with someone on the stairs/hallway. We are doing our part by staggering all appointments.
  • Only bring essentials – phone, credit card, water bottle and disinfect all items when you get to the salon. No bags please.
  • Social distance at all times (6ft from others)
  • Wash your hand for 20 seconds upon arrival 
  • We love you, but can’t hug you
  • No cash accepted at this time
  • If you need retail products, your stylist will get them for you
  • Contactless payment through your phone (done at the station not at desk)
  • Coughing and sneezing etiquette – please warn us if you are going to sneeze and distance yourself as far from your stylist and others as possible. Please wash hands and change mask after doing so.

Doing our part:

We are following our state guidelines and implementing our own! Here is a list of EVERYTHING we are doing 

We are protecting ourselves and YOU by limiting the number of clients we see in a day, staying healthy and not over working ourselves, not coming to work if sick, daily health screenings and temperature for staff, cleaning regularly, changing our aprons or shirt in between every client, and using an air purifying system. 

We have been throughly trained on all protocols and monitoring each day

We are a eco-friendly salon and doing our part with as many refillable items as possible.

We have many gallon sizes that we are putting in smaller jars like sanitizers, cleaning solution, etc.

Washing items that we can instead of using disposable.

We have sanitizers with 70% alcohol base and cleaners with the same percentage. We are aware of all CDC approved cleaners and guidelines.

We are prepared and ready for you! We can’t wait to see you. #goodhaircolovesyou

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