Going Gray Gracefully

So you want to embrace your white hair? Here are a few things you should know.

Color corrections take time, patience, and money. You can plan on your first visit to be around 6-7 hours to highlight as much old color as possible to start the blending process. When we say start the process, that’s exactly what we mean. There is no magic wand to remove old color from you hair… you have to let it grow out and cut it off. But, there are ways that we can highlight and tone to create a blended look overall as we start to embrace the gray.

What does this look like? Here is an example of a color correction- going gray gracefully client of ours.

With a mix of highlights, lowlights, and custom toning, we were able to blend the old color without touching the new growth. This will make for a better grow out and transition into a new beautiful silver color.

Ready to go gray? We know a lot of people use all kinds of words for those white hairs, silver, grey, gray, salt and pepper, silver fox, but we like to think of those white hairs as nature’s highlights. We love helping you with this process!

Ready to embrace your white and gray hair? We can help. Want to book a color consultation with us? text us 617-918-7202 or email us goodhaircoboston@gmail.com

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