Ready for your healthy hair journey?

Are you tired of your hair not growing? Is it breaking off? Have you tried to stop using hot tools and irons? Have you tried all the “miracle products” out there?

Don’t give up! We can help you.

We want you to know and understand the cause of unhealthy hair first!

Here are the most common reasons for hair damage a breakage:

  • over lightening or bleaching the hair
  • hot tools set on a high heat setting – we recommend setting below 300 degrees!
  • repeated use of hair ties
  • pulling hair up when it is wet, detangling to aggressively when it is wet, or sleeping on your hair when it is wet

The problem is… there is no fancy fix to these common problems but with time and patience and dedication we can help you achieve healthy hair and your hair goals!

We ask you to join us in a hair journey when you become a client of ours at Good Hair Co. because we know our custom dimensional color, blonde, or balayage can not be the best unless we work on this as a team with you.

If you are ready to commit to a healthy hair journey with us, we promise you will not be disappointed! Just have patience. Some of our new color clients can take a year or longer until they are at their hair goals depending on what kind of previous damage we are working to grow out and heal.

The number one cause of damage we tend to see is previous damage from over lightened blonding. Blonde hair is extremely fragile and we will not only teach you how to take care of your hair at home but we will make sure we set realistic expectations so that we do not over stress your hair more than it can take. Unfortunately, a lot of times it is not the client’s fault that their hair is breaking, but is the fault of the hair being pushed beyond its boundaries and over highlighted or over bleached.

We do have to deny some clients a bleaching service if their hair is too damaged to take another round of lightening or chemicals. We believe in full transparency at our salon and we are backed by our advanced education and many certifications – one being Master Color Expert from Wella and the other being American Board of Certified Haircolorists. Both of these certifications we learn how to properly color, highlight, balayage, foil, and create the best healthy blonde or color that is possible (and so much more).

Come see us for a custom dimensional color and we can start your healthy blonde or highlight hair journey! We can’t wait to meet you!

Reminder: We have moved from the North End of Boston to Newton. We are located on the Watertown/Newton line, right by the Charles River and inside of My Salon Suites. My Salon Suites are private salon suites so we can accommodate you in a 1:1 person ratio and a private and safe salon setting. We love our cozy space full of good vibes and we know you will too! Location is 150 California St. Suite 501-502 Newton MA 02458

XO Kellyn & Max

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