What is the best haircut for my face shape?

We get asked this question from many new clients! What is the best haircut for my face shape? Should I go shorter? Will it make my face feel rounder? Do I have a round face?

First things first, we believe that you should try any new trends that you want to! After all, it is just hair and it will grow.

But the second part of this question that we like to focus on it that we want you to feel your best. So, if you love rocking long hair, bangs, short layers, or a pixie, you go girl! But, if you want specific guidance when it comes to enhancing your best features and camouflaging what you don’t want to enhance. We are here to help!

Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are easy to spot with their delicately pointed chins and wide hairlines. Pixie cuts are perfect for the heart face shape because the pixie cut create a balance in the face by minimizing the width of the forehead while drawing the eyes away from the chin.

Triangle Face Shape

Bangs or fringe can be the perfect tool for disguising a wide forehead—so that your face looks more oval—and for drawing attention to the eyes when it comes to a triangle face shape. We also think wearing a sleek bob is a perfect haircut to compliment this face shape with a perfect fringe. The main goal for an inverted triangle person is to create the illusion of width at the bottom of the face while balancing and camouflaging the wideness at the top.

Round Face Shape

Usually, women with more rounded face shapes refuse to go for a shorter cut. We think that collar bone length is actually a perfect haircut for those of us with a fuller face shape. The widest part of a round face is at the cheeks, and this length will balance out the roundness found at your cheekbones. This length will help elongate the neck and lengthening your entire face.

So, go ahead and try something new or edgy! But if you want a little bit of direction to help enhance you best features this is a great guide to get you started.

See you soon!

Kellyn & Max

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