Is balayage right for me?

Balayage has been around for many decades but we still get a lot of questions about this technique every day! So, let’s dive into balayage, first time hair coloring, and who this technique is and isn’t right for.

Balayage is simply a free hand hair painting technique created by French colorists. The word balayage means to sweep, which describes how the highlights are applied. Balayage highlights are applied by using a color brush or paint brush in a “sweeping” motion on the hair. This motion allows for a natural and sun-kissed look. It is a great way to enhance your own haircolor!

Foils vs. Balayage the question we always get! The short answer is.. with foils, you’ll get a very uniform finish, while with balayage, the result is more natural. This also allows the colorist to apply the color in more specific areas that they think will brighten your features. But it also isn’t an option on every

Haircolor Newbie? If you’re a color newbie, balayage is a great option for you! It’s a subtle highlighting technique that isn’t as drastic as completely changing your hair color. Balayage highlights work on any hair color, so it doesn’t matter whether you have brown, blonde, or red hair. Also, if you’re looking for highlights that are low maintenance, then balayage is the way to go. Just remember, balayage will not make everyone “blonde” it will give you a sun-kissed highlights on your own natural hair color. The best part? With these highlights, you only have to get touch-ups every 3-6 months depending on how much depth you like. As the highlights grow out, it’ll look totally intentional. Fewer touch-ups? Yes, please!

Converting from foils to balayage? This may or may not be an option for you. Foils can lighten dramatically different than balayage can. So, please book a consult with us to see if it an option for you, and if not we can still give you a lived-in “balayage look” with the magic of foils and haircolor placement, we promise!

What will my results be?

If you want balayage on dark hair. Balayage highlights will require some work depending on your end result goal. The darker your starting color and the lighter you want to go with your balayage highlights, the more work it’ll take to achieve your desired end result, Loreal Professional agrees with this in there article. It may or may not be possible, so book a color consult with your stylist first! Just remember, balayage is a “sun-kissed” highlight and will only lift a few levels lighter than your natural hair.

If you want balayage on light hair. You’re in luck, balayage is great for you! Lightening your strands likely won’t take as many sessions as it takes to get light balayage highlights on dark hair, but that will depend on how light your desired balayage highlights are.

If you want balayage and have previous hair color. Most likely you will not lift evenly with the balayage technique, so we might have to do foils. No worries, we can still give you gorgeous results that could resemble balayage. And the longer your natural hair grows out the more we have to work with to eventually transition you to a full balayage highlight technique. Just be patient and trust the process!

If you want balayage and have previous foil highlights. The longer you can go before you need your highlights, the better! Give us as much root as possible. 4-6 months is ideal! Not possible for you you? Come in for a consultation, we usually like to transition you with a “root shadow” and a few deeper blonde tones before we can highlight you with the balayage technique. Remember, less is more when it comes to balayage and the more depth we add back to your hair, the better!

Any more questions? Message us! We are always happy to help. We can do in person consults, email consults with pictures, or even virtual consults!

See you soon!


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