How often should I get my hair trimmed if I’m growing it out?

First things first, not all hair length and textures are equal. So, if you are growing out your hair and want to keep it healthy while getting some length, this blog post is for you! We will break it down for you depending on your length and goals.

It all depends on where you are starting and how healthy your current hair is. The healthy your hair is, the less heat you use, the less you wash it, and the less you color treat it, the longer you can go in between your haircuts. Since all of those things are factors, we will give you a range for each category. Keep in mind, on average your hair will grow about 1/2″ a month.

Short haircut growing out. If you are lax about your look, you may be able to grow it out 2 months before needing a reshape or trim. We recommend at least 2 months so the hair has grown appx 1 inch and if we need to trim 1/2 of an inch, you are still gaining length slowly but surely.

Bob or medium length growing out. The healthy your hair is and the less you wash it, you may be able to go 3 months at this point, and up to 4 months if it isn’t color treated and no heat tools are used.

Long hair growing out. If you have long hair but want it longer, this might take some time and precious care. A lot of long hair clients have hair that is already split at the ends. Remember the longer the hair, the older and weaker the hair is. It is more fragile and susceptible to breaking. Especially true if you use heat, wash often, and color treat. If you want to grow, we recommend starting clean and fresh with a good haircut removing all split ends and coming to see us every 8 weeks for maintenance to get your long hair back in shape! Long hair needs frequent haircuts/trims!

Curly or textured hair growing out. Curly and wavy hair may visually take longer to grow out since it bounces at different variables depending on the textures, but it is still growing! At most anyone should wait is 12 weeks. That’s about 4 times a year, so think seasonally. If your hair is super healthy, you wash infrequently and do not have color damage, then up to 16 weeks could work for you. But please do not wait any longer than that, or the “trim” may turn out to be 1-2 inches off if split ends started to take over.

Highlighted/Color treated hair growing out. Please keep up with your trims at every color service, this is a must for healthy hair! Once you are color treated with us and you stick to a good regimen of healthy hair practices at home we can work with you to make sure we have a good haircut schedule. This varies dramatically depending on the lightness of hair and how long you have been seeing us for services. Some of our newer clients may have a longer time to wait to building strength in their hair to grow it out healthily. But, patience is key!

If you are ready to book your next haircut or “trim” with us click this link! We can’t wait to see you!

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