Stylist Levels

Lead Stylist

Level Four

Lead Stylists are the elite in their craft and have the largest demand for their time behind the chair. They are phenomenal communicators and consult with each guest to create the customized color and personalized hair that will make each guest feel their best. Plus, they have faced just about every haircutting and color correction challenge that’s out there! They are exceptional professionals who inspire their teammates and empower each guest with their personalized hair!

Senior Stylist

Level Three

Senior Stylists have a great amount of experience behind the chair and are well equipped to offer more advanced solutions for hair color. They are also proficient in advanced haircutting techniques that are customized for each guest. They are problem solvers and are able to take on large color changes and color correction challenges.

Studio Stylist

Level Two

Studio Stylists have experience behind the chair and are competent in performing haircutting and hair coloring services. They are working on building more confidence as they perfect their craft and skills. At this point, they are all about gaining more experience behind the chair and continuing education with our in-house educators.

Junior Stylist

Level One

Junior Stylists are licensed cosmetologists. They are gaining more experience behind the chair and continue education with our in-house educators. They collaborate with Lead Stylists for every hair color consultation to ensure the use of proper formulas and color placement patterns. Following your appointment, Junior Stylists may have a Lead Stylist review their work to ensure you have received the personalized hair you were looking for. Prices on our Book Now app start at a Junior Stylist level.